Romantic Wedding Engagement Proposal Ideas

As a wedding and event planner, a common question many men ask is, “How do I propose to my girlfriend?” It’s great to see that many men want to make the moment they “pop the question” memorable and romantic. To help answer this question, we have created a list of 4 of the most romantic and creative ways to propose marriage.

1. This engagement idea is for the girl who likes to travel and would want this moment shared between the two of you.

We would suggest a trip to Costa Rica checking into a private villa with an infinity edge pool. While poolside overlooking the ocean a Costa Rican master guitarist would begin playing in the distance and as he got closer you would begin by telling your love how much she means to you. As the guitar player entered into the private area where you are beginning your proposal he would come closer to her as her ring is delicately hanging around the tuner. You would direct her eyes to the ring as you ask her the big question.

2. This next wedding proposal idea is listed in our guide under cute ways to propose to the one who loves the water, has a great sense of humor, and wants her friends and family to see her wedding engagement proposal live.

We suggest renting a yacht. Inviting 10 of her closest friends and family for a yacht party. Miami yacht charters are very romantic especially during sunset. After the sun goes down the skyline of downtown Miami is breathtaking. Your evening would begin at the dock where you would board your Miami charters yacht. As the deckhands are getting ready to untie the yacht they would pretend they need both of you to help untying the yacht. This would be totally appalling to anyone renting a luxury yacht, however the surprise is perfect as you go to the dock post there will be a sign that reads those proposal four words.

3. So you have a gal who is very much into deep sea fishing and sipping on cold beers. The super cool laid back chick. Our next creative proposal ideas are for her.

A trip to Bimini for a deep sea fishing charter with one of the best fisherman around. Arrive in the Bahamas by seaplane, which is the most romantic way to travel there. Spend the night at the Bimini Big Game with an early morning deep sea fishing charter scheduled for the next day. Upon boarding the Captain would have a bait bucket cleaned out and filled with water. You would be given the bait bucket to take over to your love. You would ask her if the bait looks fresh enough and when she looked in the bucket there would be her ring. That evening the on-site chef would prepare what you caught while fishing for a romantic dinner served to you and your future bride Oceanside.

4. Number four is right for the girl who loves Miami, loves the nightlife and loves her friends. This creative way to propose is one of the best places to propose in Miami. 

Imagine you, her and 50 of your closest friends. You would take her to ocean drive to what appears to be just another evening out with your friends. Once you arrive you would be escorted to the rooftop venue overlooking the city of Miami and the ocean. Once there she would be greeted with roses and the words “Will You Marry Me” transposed with lights onto the dance floor. After she accepts her friends would reveal themselves to her and begin the celebration with you.

Now that the question has been asked (and hopefully accepted), it’s time to start planning engagement party, wedding or reception. Contact B Miami Events and Charters for a FREE consultation about planning these, or any events in Miami.

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