Money-Saving Yacht Wedding Ideas

Is it really possible to charter a luxury yacht as the wedding venue when you’re on a budget? In our experience, Yes.

Future brides looking for Florida weddings on a budget that want to rent a yacht just need a little willingness to be flexible. In our experience as a seasoned wedding and party planner in Miami, we have found 3 ways to make a luxury yacht charter wedding more affordable:

First, consider booking a weekday? It’s a proven fact that if you would consider booking your luxury yacht on a weekday you will definitely save money. Average savings: $500!

Second, choose to have both the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception on your Miami luxury yacht charter. This eliminates the cost of renting a wedding ceremony and reception site. Even if you have some guests that don’t want to go for the cruise, we can arrange to conduct the ceremony while still docked. After the ceremony, we set sail for a luxury yacht cruise of Miami. Average savings: $2000 and up.

The third money-saving idea is to have your wedding ceremony at a time when your guests don’t expect a full meal. If your guests come to a midafternoon wedding ceremony and reception you can offer a tapas menu, pastries and mimosas. Average savings: $10-40 per person.

Miami Beach wedding packages don’t have to leave you in debt.  Consult a Miami Wedding Planner for wedding ceremony ideas and wedding planning made easy and affordable.

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