Employee Appreciation Day Is a Good Reason for a Fun Corporate Event

What better way to show your employees that they’re appreciated than throwing a Employee Appreciation Corporate Event.

Whether your employee’s performance is top notch or could use improvement we offer unique corporate event ideas, corporate incentive trips, and corporate teambuilding activities aboard Miami luxury yachts. A day on a luxurious charter yacht improve morale, inspire creativity, and give your employees something to remember for years to come.

B Miami Events and Charters has 3 options for you:

1st Yacht Charter Option

This charter is for the employees who need some guidance in areas such as enhancing social relations, solving tasks and clarifying team member’s roles. This charter is the team building charter. Charter guests will spend 5 hours in a “shipwrecked” scenario. The activities range from raft building to sea navigation. Prices for packages start at $80 per person and include lunch and beverages.

2nd Yacht Charter Option

All of your employees have far exceeded your expectations, offer them a 4 hour daytime charter. Show your appreciation with a short work day. This charter would begin around 1 p.m. guests would enjoy cocktails and live music while cruising along the Intracoastal Waterway. Packages start at $65 per person.

3rd Yacht Charter Option

Host a corporate events awards banquet aboard a yacht. This charter would be an evening black tie affair lasting 4 hours. Guests would be recognized for their outstanding service to the company. The package would include a 3 course meal, open bar and entertainment. Packages start at $120 per person.

For any employee appreciation event, you must determine how much you can spend, what options are available and what people want.  A clear system for measuring results will help you with future planning. Even on a smaller budget, corporate employee appreciation can benefit your organization.

B Miami Events and Charters is here to help you determine what charter is best for your organization. Click the link below for your FREE Consultation.

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