Checklist for Planning a Teen’s Party

Figuring out what your teen wants on a daily basis, let alone what they want for their next party isn’t easy. But with the right questions you can achieve the perfect party.

Planning your teens party theme ideas and event decor can result in some frayed nerves. If you’re not armed with the right questions before approaching your sweet little nugget about their vision for the big day.

The best way to have your child’s total attention when having this conversation is to approach it like a business meeting. Let your teen pick the time and place for your meeting and ask them to bring their tablet or smart phone. You bring the treats because this could take a while.

As your child answers each question write down the answer and get all the website links of the event decor and party theme ideas for your reference later. After each question is answered you and your child will sign the event planning checklist to make it a binding contract between both parties. Give them a copy so they can confirm that all their party requirements were met. This will eliminate any outbursts the day of the event about their party expectations.

With answers to these 8 quesitons, our professional party planners can help you plan the perfect Sweet 16 Party, Quinceanera, Bat mitzvah or Bar mitzvah.

Question # 1 – What are your favorite colors? It is best to have two colors or more for the event decor to use throughout the event. There should be the absolute #1 favorite and then the #2 favorite color at the very least.

Question # 2 – Ask your child to pick out pictures from the computer on Tumblr and Instagram of their most favorite things. Pinterest is another great way to find pictures on the computer. Their favorite pictures on these sites will lead you in the direction of choosing great party theme ideas. Don’t panic if you have what could be several different party theme ideas.  When you get to the end of the event planning checklist/contract you will have a clearer vision of what they see for their sweet 16 party ideas or bat mitzvah ideas.

Question # 3 – What are your two most favorite foods that absolutely have to be served at your party? What are 10 different food items that you love? Don’t worry if it’s all candy you can still create a sweet tooth menu incorporating your child’s food choices into the menu. A quick example is if your child loves chocolate a great thing to incorporate into the event is a chocolate fountain with fruit for dipping.

Question #4 – What music would you like to hear? They should give you a list of at least 10 different artists.

Question # 5 – What are some of your favorite games? Don’t be alarmed if its electronics there are plenty of mobile games for birthday parties Miami style, such as Dance Revolution and gaming trucks filled with different options that can be brought right to the event location.

Question # 6 – What would you like for your friends to take home with them? These are called giveaways. There are many different options to help guests remember the event. Temporary tattoos, photos from a photo booth, and can coolers are just a few favorites. T-shirts with the guests name are a fun keepsake as well. Your event planner will know where to get all of these items.

Question #7 – Who would you like to celebrate this occasion with you? You would then guide them to the perfect number of guests for your budget. Create the invite using the party themes you have settled on.

Question #8 – Where would you like to party? On a party boat, restaurant or private event facility.

Once you have answers to these questions, our professional party planners can help you plan the perfect event.

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