Boyfriend Proposed, Now What?

He has finally seen you for the perfect wife to be that you are. Now what to do after the wedding proposal?

We assume since you’re reading this you said “YES.” Congratulations! You’re super excited, right? Once you finishing sharing the news with you friends and family, the “fun” part begins; planning your engagement party.

The first step in planning a successful engagement party is the guest list. Engagement party etiquette 101, don’t sweat the guest list. Remember, this is your event, so you have the right to invite anyone you choose. This can include people that you may not plan on inviting to the wedding. Also, keep it simple, you don’t want to outdo your wedding.

The next step in planning your engagement party is deciding on the venue. Again, keep it simple and fun. This is a celebration for you and your soon-to-be spouse. Choose a venue that you would enjoy going to as a guest. How about a bayside Miami party boat. We do live in a city with one of the most beautiful waterfronts after all. Because of that, Miami has many event and party spaces for rent. An experienced Miami event planner can assist in locating the perfect location, party themes and event decor.

Now that that’s decided, you can choose the date. Often this will be dictated by the availability of the venue you chose.

Next, choose the wedding date. Some fun ways to choose the date are listed below:

  • Using your favorite numbers: His favorite number is 8 and yours is 3 = August 3
  • The date you met
  • The start date of your favorite season

We suggest determining your budget is in the top three things to do. I know GRRRRRR..budget smudget. But, you live in the adult world now and starting off in that world flat broke does not help keep that flame burning bright for each other. Budget doesn’t always mean cheap wedding ideas. There are many different wedding packages available to you. Especially if you work with Miami wedding planner, B Miami Events & Charters has created over 1000 different Miami wedding packages all inclusive and destination wedding packages for our soon to be brides without breaking the bank.

Once that’s decided, your next step is to create a wedding website. This will help you keep all of your friends and family informed about the dates, times and locations of the events surrounding your engagement and wedding.

Good Luck Ladies! Think you would like more than luck? Contact B Miami Events and Charters for a FREE consultation about planning your engagement party, wedding or reception.

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