5 Ways to Add Fun To Your Corporate Event

If you have the task of planning your corporate holiday event we are here to help. Having fun at the holiday party is possible. We have 5 proven ways to add fun into your corporate holiday event.

#1 – Picking the Right Venue

This can always be challenging when you’re a large corporation with many employees who are coming from different locations. We suggest a quick meeting with the head of HR to find out the general area where the majority of the employees live, begin your search in a 10-20 mile radius. The less your associates have to drive the happier they will be when they arrive. Happier associates mean more fun associates. A couple of great options are either booking a hotel venue or chartering a yacht, The hotel is convenient for the guests who may choose to enjoy just walking a short distance to their evening slumber when the festivities end. A yacht is an excellent choice because there are many locations throughout Florida where your associates can board keeping within the 10-20 mile radius rule of thumb.

#2 – Fun in the Entry

What better way to enter than greeted at the entry with a signature holiday drink and a smile. Smiling greeters with drinks upon entry is the way to start this event off right. The greeters need to be hand-picked to ensure you’re getting the right people for this task. A great way to include your company colors is a holiday drink that is the prominent color of your business logo. Smile upon entry with a holiday drink in hand equals the fun has just begun.

#3 – Entertainment

Entertainment ranges from the DJ to visual and engaging entertainment. Really knowing your associates will help you when deciding on your DJ type and entertainment options. A couple of examples of why knowing your associates is a must. The majority of your associates may prefer a live band over a DJ this will be a huge factor in filling up the dance floor. Also, when offering engaging entertainment options are your associates more hands on or would they prefer to watch the entertainment? A hands on option would be a electronic graffiti wall. An example of watching entertainment would be a silk aerialist show. Knowing your associates preferred types of entertainment will ensure they are having fun.

#4 – Food

There are so many amazing chefs available for events, it’s even possible to hire celebrity chefs for your event. While most chefs prefer to work alone, you can opt to hire a few different chefs at your event if you offer stations or food trucks. Another great idea is to offer a hands on food experience such as a smores bar or make your own doughnut bar. New foods for your palate and food you can play with is a sure way to add fun to your event.

#5 – Parting Gift

This is the event that keeps on giving out the fun. This event was so much fun you definitely want your associates to remember the experience. The best gift is always a picture full of memories. The photographer should create a web page where your guests can order the photos they most enjoy of the evening. The pictures they order can be placed on a shirt, calendar, mug, beach towel or just individual pictures. Also, send them home with a framed picture of them with their guest that evening.

We realize this is a lot of information to take in and organize. Don’t go at it alone, hire a seasoned event coordinator. Having an event coordinator will ensure your success as they have access to captivating entertainment, celebrity chefs and perfect staff for your event.

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