4 Reasons You Should Rent a Yacht For Your Miami Event

Any event in Miami today can be challenging to host, especially when the bar has been set so high from past events we have all attended.

Whether you’re the cute couple ready to have your wedding of the century or just wanting to host the perfect Miami event, we suggest a yacht charter.

4 Reasons Why a Yacht Charter is Ideal for you Miami Event:

 #1:  When you host a yacht party, you’ve chosen a different option instead of the common wedding venues. Your guests will appreciate the ever changing scenery as you cruise by the downtown skyline along the intercostal waterway. Also, how fab does it sound for your guests to say that they’re attending a wedding aboard a Miami yacht? Just say it out loud then you will know exactly how it feels.

#2:  There are many different styles of yachts for rent. There are traditional, modern and every style in between. Chartering a yacht for your next party cruise will help you decide on your party themes when you choose a yacht to match the theme it also saves on the cost of event decor.

# 3:  You know those guests who always show up to your South Beach party late? You don’t want them showing up to your wedding late after the party has started. We have the solution: when the yacht party starts and the party cruise leaves from the dock no one can board. After they miss the fun once I can promise it won’t happen again.

# 4:  A yacht charter party cruise is the way to truly experience Miami. You are surrounded by water, you see it daily on your commute to work. It’s time to enjoy the water like a tourist and the perfect way to do that is by hosting a Miami yacht party for 2 to 600 of your closest friends. Give your guests an event they will be talking about for years to come.

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